Craft fishing ecomuseum Integrated analysis of touristic activity in province of Cadiz Appraisal of efficiency and impact of social and legal response to pederasty from criminological analyaloración de la eficiencia e impacto de la respuesta social y jurídica a la pederastia a partir del análisis criminológico Spain, security and external European borders within the Strait of Gibraltar
Performance protocol of legal operators regarding treatment of especially vulnerable victims: special attention to gender violence Jurisprudence and doctrine: impact of Spanish doctrine on legal resolutions or civil, criminal and labour order Security and privacy Liberty of testing and its limits within Spanish civil rights
Readdressing employment towards auto-employment: precariously of labour conditions and emergency of entrepreneur figure AGUAMOD ADACOSTA Underwater archaeological context of Cove beach and its surroundings (Cádiz): ports and shipwrecks as axis of a city and a territory
Coastal environmental observatory of the South-West Evaluation and monitoring of communication for development and social change in Spain: design of indicators for measurement of their social impact Cooperation network in R + D + I oriented to design of a sustainable and transboundary system of maritime-fluvial transport in the Gulf of Cadiz Women in the labour movement of Sherry framework (1960-2017)
Challenges of governance for administrative law: good governance and good administration. Its projection in public policies Effect of entrepreneurial teams and strategic networks on internationalisation of Spanish academic spin-offs FAST Numerical and related semigroups; generalisations and applications
Singularities, appraisals and graduated algebras Models for variability and risk management Mathematical challenges in the design and optimisation of complex networks: applications New mathematical challenges in logistics and integrated transport problems over complex networks: design and optimisation
Thematic network: location and related problems Advances in optimization theory: application in diffuse environments and infinite dimension RISCAR Development of early mathematical cognition using applications. An empirical study
Analysis of impact of socio-educational groups of primary care (GRUSE) on mental health of women and public health system of Andalusia Psychological adjustment and evolutionary tasks of young adults adopted: a longitudinal study over 20 years with keys for intervention EMPHASYS CIT Project