Dr. Miguel Revenga Sánchez


Department of Basic Legal Disciplines

Professor / Full professor

Research areas:

Development of fundamental rights

Security in the Constitutional State of Law

Justice and constitutional jurisdiction

Constitutionalism in Latin America





Curriculum vitae

Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Cádiz, he has been director of the Comparative Public Law Institute of the Carlos III University of Madrid (2004/2006), Visiting Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley and “Jean Monnet Fellow” at the European University Institute of Florence (Italy).


Author of the following books: The Empire of Politics. National security and State secrecy in the North American system, Barcelona, ​​1995; National security and human rights. Studies on the jurisprudence of the Court of Strasbourg, Pamplona, ​​2002; The Europe of rights, between tolerance and intransigence, Madrid, 2007; Freedom of expression and its limits. Estudios, Lima, 2008; Nationality, immigration and suffrage law (with Pablo Santolaya), Madrid, 2007, Bases of Constitutional Law, Lima, 2010 Constitutionalism and fundamental rights (Mexico, 2014), coordinator of constitutional problems of immigration, Valencia / Milan, 2004, Trends Jurisprudence of the Inter-American Court and the European Court of Human Rights, Valencia 2008, The Judicial Power, Valencia, 2009, Religious symbols in public space, Madrid, 2011, Traces of the Constitution of Cádiz (Valencia, 2013), Libertad of Expression and Hate Speech (Madrid, 2015), The basic sentences on human rights violations (Madrid, 2015), The Foreigners’ Detention Centers (Valencia, 2016), Democratic regeneration and constitutional reform (Valencia, 2017).


He has published more than 120 articles in journals and periodicals in the fields of Constitutional Law and Political Science. Visiting lecturer in numerous European and Ibero-American universities, he is President Emeritus of the Association of Constitutionalists of Spain.