Dr. José Antonio López Sánchez

Dep. of History, Geography and Philosophy

Full University Lecturer

Research areas:

Planning and coastal management: Planning and management of coastal areas. Planning and management of marshland wetlands. Coastal metropolitan areas. Ordination of territory. Tourism and sustainability




Doctor by the University of Cádiz and Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Geography and History by the University of Seville. He has made stays of scientific nature in the University of Bolivia, Linguistics of Moscow, University Abdemalek Essadi, and specialized Institute of Higher Education for the Diplomatic Training of El Salvador. Recognized a six-year period of research. Positive resolution for the 2007-2012 period (CNEAI). He has participated in International Research Projects as Main Researcher. Director of the doctoral thesis of Jesús Rodríguez Torrejón “The Good Practice Guidelines for the development of Sustainable Tourism: The case of Sierra de las Nieves”, 2013. Director of the doctoral thesis of María José Arévalo Gutiérrez entitled “The importance of the Sephardic Legacy for the creation of a tourist route: the case of Jerez de la Frontera”. 2015. Coordinator of the Tourism Diploma as pilot experience of the European Higher Education Area. Vice-dean of the European Area and external internships of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication 2008-2014. Coordinator of the Master’s Degree Programme in Tourism Management at the University of Cádiz (2011 to present) Director of the University Research Institute for Sustainable Social Development (INDESS) 2012 to the present.

With regard to teaching has developed teaching tasks in the Department of History, Geography and Philosophy of the University of Cádiz from 1995 to the present. During this period, he has been a full-time associate lecturer at the University School of the “Virgin of Europe” until 2001. Later, in 2002, he joined the faculty of the University Centre for Social Studies in Jerez. From 2003 to 2005 he was a part-time associate lecturer in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication, collaborating lecturer until 2008 and hired doctor since 2009. During that period of time, he was a lecturer in charge of teaching Geography and History of Spain, Andalusian Culture, Introduction to the Didactics of the Social Sciences, Knowledge of the Social and Cultural Environment; in the CUES of the subject of Tourist Itineraries. He taught Geography of the Arab World at Humanities Bachelor’s Degree Programmes; History, Regional Geography of the Current World and in the Diploma / Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Tourism: Territorial Tourism Resources and Practicum. He has also taught in recent years in different Master’s Degree Programmes (Integrated Management of Coastal Areas, Tourism Management, Communication, Development Cooperation and Project Management …) and postgraduate studies, especially in topics related to sustainable tourism, the main line of research. The majority of the teaching imparted in them is well related to their areas of research specialization. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning the participation in different teaching innovation projects related to the European Higher Education Area and the preparation of teaching materials (printed and digital teaching guides) since the introduction of the degree in Tourism. He has also participated as a member of the Evaluation Commission for teaching innovation projects of the University of Cádiz. His integration in university work has led him to participate in different organisations at the University. In this way, he is currently an elected member of the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication, starting his membership in February 2006 as a born member. In 2009 the applicant obtains the DOCENTIA Certificate of the Quality of Teaching Activity issued by the Vice-chancellor for Planning and Quality of the University of Cádiz with an EXCELLENT mark (valid for five years), in 2014 he has requested again the DOCENTIA Certificate of the Quality of the Teaching Activity to the Planning and Quality Vice-chancellorship of the University of Cádiz (RD1312 / 2007, of October 5) obtaining again the mark of EXCELLENT (the maximum possible). Both the teaching and research activities have been evaluated in the processes for obtaining the accreditation and evaluation of the university teaching staff of the National Agency for the Evaluation of Quality and Accreditation (ANECA) for hiring of university lecturers in the figure of Collaborating Lecturer and of the Andalusian Agency of Evaluation (AGAE) for the hiring of university professors in the figure of Hired Doctor Lecturer and Holder of University.

Prize 1: l Scientific Committee of the 1st International Congress of Oenological Tourism certifies that the communication entitled “Jerez. The city of wine. Interdisciplinary analysis of the tourist image through wine “. Award-winning communication with 600. University of Cádiz, December 5, 2007. Award 2: The University of Cádiz awards the 2009 HUMAN Award for the Transfer of Knowledge in the area of Social and Humanistic Sciences in group research modality to the group ” PLANNING AND LITERAL MANAGEMENT (HUM-117) “and Mr. José Antonio López Sánchez as a member of said research group. Prize 3: The University of Cádiz awards the prize atréBT! in the modality of Humanistic-Based Business Ideas to “Viajes Logia” and to Mr. José Antonio López Sánchez as a member of this research group.