About Us

Dear researcher,

Welcome to the website of the University Institute of Research in Social Sustainable Development (INDESS), which emerges in 2010 as a response to an existing need of the scientific community that works on sustainability and social welfare in Social Sciences. For this reason, 147 researchers decided to join efforts to build a reference Centre within the research sphere in this discipline.

INDESS was built through being willing to establish a specialised offer of scientific-technical services, through offering solutions to necessities of society and any institution – both public and private ones – that are in demand of them, thus facilitating transference and dissemination of results to the society.

INDESS is conceived as a superior structure, which is leaded by research, training and transference, that is able to develop a variety of interdisciplinary working lines and projects to give response to the existing challenges in the 21st century society. We advance through joining and sharing efforts, resources and ideas. Therefore, we are open to collaborate with researchers from other both public and private Research Centres. The Institute was originated with a clear vision for local sustainable, but with vocation for extending its services towards the national and international community as well.

INDESS is both a physical space (with excellent installations where exists last generation installations) and a virtual one, which provides their researchers with a platform to identify and develop new opportunities for cooperation and funding, through promoting execution of R+D+I collaborative projects. Therefore, it aspires to establish Master’s Degree and PhD Programmes schools, together with both pre- and post- doctoral training networks within the limits of knowledge from Social Sciences as a logic result for transference of researchers to society.



University Institute of Research in Social Sustainable Development (INDESS)

Avda. Universidad ,4

Campus de la Asunción

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E-mail: indess@uca.es

Telephone: (+34) 956037712